Bold colours, fun characters and stripes, lots and lots of STRIPES ...
These are the surface pattern designs of daesigrafik!


Pets On A Beach Vacation

This unique collection of patterns will take your mind right to your next summer beach vacation, with sun, sand and the ocean in sight! The ride there might take a while in the retro VW bus, with traffic and all… But your furry friend is already loving every minute! 

These designs can be purchased in my Spoonflower shop.




Spring Garden In Bloom

If it's spring outside or any other season, this collection of floral patterns will bring fresh colours and nature's beauty into your living space to put a smile on your face and brighten your mood! Can't you just smell the fresh blossoms?

Take a look at the coordinating colours and patterns in my shop.



Calendar 2023

This wall hanging calendar called "Mountain Scenery" and inspired by the colours of nature shows the days of the month as wavey lines following the contours of the hills.

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Poisonous plant

Bold colours on a dark background create a beautiful moody vibe. This floral print shows a stylized Physalis alkekengi.

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Stripes & Pandas

As an undeniable fan of stripes, I love to combine them with cute animals. Find more designs like these in my Spoonflower shop.

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Coffee break

One of my first pattern designs and one that I love is this fun coffee themed striped seamless pattern. Find additional colour ways in my shops.

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The collection seen here and more can be purchased through my Spoonflower shop!


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